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What is Kendama?


The kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy. It consists of a handle and a ball, where both parts are connected by a string. The ken has three cups and a spike which fits into the hole of the tama. The kendama is a variant of the classic cup-and-ball game, and the Hispanic world toy known as boliche or balero. The principle of these toys are the same: catching one object with another, where both are joined by a string. However the modern kendama style takes influences from a diverse range of skills including yo-yo, diabolo, juggling, and poi.

In Beginner Kendama, you will learn the history, techniques, and different beginner level tricks. This class is recommended for new players. 

B.E. Kendama Ken Club is for all skill levels! In this club you will get a chance to jam with players of many different levels. 


Video Credit: Ethan Openshaw

B.E. Kendama Ken Club

All ages

$10 monthly membership

VIBE is very proud to be the home of two award winning kendama players. Every year the North American Kendama Open is held in Minnesota. Players from all over the country travel to compete in many different divisions. In 2018,Ethan Openshaw, placed second in the intermediate division. He was up against 

72 other players. In 2019, Belle Tow, placed first in the  girls beginner division. She was up against 5 other players. Below you can see their videos from the competition.

Ethan has brought so much interest to Vibe for kendama that we decided it was time for the Tri Cities to have its very first kendama class, and club!


Video Credit: Alan Openshaw


Video Credit: Ethan Openshaw