Our Team

As a staff, we take pride in being the cornerstone of our VIBE Family! Each instructor is responsible for a certain aspect of our operation, & cares greatly for the well-being and growth of our students. Without our team & volunteers, VIBE would be nothing more than a great idea. Meet our team!


Jessica Knappek

Executive Director

Bio coming soon!

Sarah Ackerson

Administrative Office Assistant

Bio coming soon!


Belle Tow

Program Manager/ Theatrical Director

Bio coming soon!


Megan Openshaw

Vocal/Piano Instructor

 Megan has been around since Vibe's creation. Many students have studied under her in Vocal Lessons and as cast members during Vibe's productions. Megan has a long list of vocal experience and years of coaching as well. 


Kyler Haskall

Jason Ford

Josh Parker

Piano Instructor
Drum Instructor
Guitar Instructor

A little about me: I teach 8th grade science at McLoughlin Middle School. I have a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology from Brigham Young University, and a Masters degree in teaching public school science. I have lived in Utah for most of my life, but then I met the love of my life, moved to the Tri-Cities, got married in 2017 and have lived in Kennewick ever since. We have two little, adorable girls that keep us very busy! I also have a passion for watching and playing sports, camping, and volunteer work.

I have played the piano since I was five years old, and since then I have used my talents in various church and volunteer capacities. I received piano lessons from a fine Brigham Young University instructor and I have a music minor with my degree. I speak fluent Spanish as well as English. I am excited to help each aspiring pianist reach their musical goals, whether it be fine-tuning skills for a competition, working towards a specific music opportunity, or just learning a favorite song! I am proud to be part of the VIBE family and I am excited to meet you!

Jason was raised in San Diego, California and has been playing drums since 1989 (age 6). By his senior year in high school he led the Poway High Emerald Brigade Drumline through multiple award winning regional competitions and travelled with the Jazz band and wind symphony to national competitions. After high school, Jason spent 15 years as a studio drummer, and has performed in upwards of 400 shows with various musicians throughout San Diego and Los Angeles. He has also performed in musical theatre (pit orchestras), collegiate pep bands, and dreams of putting together a local percussion group based on STOMP. Jason is excited to be part of the Tri-cities and hopes to accelerate and educate drummers of all ages to their full potential.

Josh has been playing guitar for 12 years. He has been playing live on worship teams and in bands for 10 years. He has had the opportunity to play all over the northwest area. His goal with his students is to have them be able to go out and play live and be ready for most situations. He also wants the student to be able to take care of their instrument so he will also teach them how to tune, change strings, adjust the neck, and replace parts.


Liberty Wilson

Dance Instructor

Kelli Dunfee

Vocal Instructor/Art Teacher

Kelli has lived in the Tri-Cities her entire life and loves Vibe’s mission of bringing the arts to all families and to our community.  She grew up singing with her sister, in her school choirs, and with her church worship team.  In high school Kelli was active in 3 choirs, 2 that traveled and competed throughout the PNW (Chamber and Jazz) and her high school drama group.  

In April of 2018 Kelli’s daughter began voice lessons at Vibe and her family attended Vibe’s production of the Lion King Jr.  They were hooked!  In August of 2018 Kelli and her 2 daughters auditioned for Annie, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Kelli has since performed in several shows at Vibe and is continuing her music education through voice, piano and cello. 

Kelli is thrilled to be a part of the Vibe “family” and  will be taking on new voice students, helping in art classes and teaching theater workshops.  She desires to teach and instill strong foundations in music, theory, and theater as well as helping children find their own voice,  develop strong character, and become positive influences on our community. 


Liberty is 20 years old and has been dancing for 17 years. She has been with Vibe for almost two years doing choreography for multiple Vibe productions! She teaches to show the best of her influences and experiences that made her the incredible dancer she is. It is her hope that through her influence, students will find the best in themselves through the classes she offers.  


Ethan Openshaw

Kendama Instructor

Bio coming soon!


Mariah Cramer

Theatrical Director/Janitor

Mariah  loves all things musical theatre.

She has helped costume, and direct many shows at VIBE.

She is studying Acting and Directing at Columbia Basin College.

She is also a seasoned VIBE actress. We are excited to have Mariah on our staff!



Nate Banks

Theatrical Director

With a love of cinema, Nate Banks, has always wanted to share this love with the community. A Tri Cities native he always advocates for the arts in the community. He splits his time between producing films, his media company, spending time with his wife Karel and their two children Koda and Roran, and Vibe. He has been given multiple acclaim at several film festivals and is well known in the film community. In his College years he studied theatre with an emphasis on acting and directing. Which he converted into his film career. He has performed in many shows throughout the years including the Porter in the Scottish play, a kleptomaniacal police officer, and a stage hand with a need to dance. Although he enjoys acting every once in a while he prefers to work behind the scenes. Specializing in Minimalist filmmaking with an emphasis on creative solutions to problems he spends most of his time behind the camera producing short films and commercials, He cannot wait to bring new ideas and concepts to the

students of Vibe all while challenging them to connect these concepts to real life applications such as teamwork, communication, strong work ethics, creativity, honesty, and the ability to take direction. Nate is very excited to be bringing several shows to Vibe this year.